Pravada Floors Scratches

Our New Pravada Floors ***Scratches*** Everywhere and the Company Ignored Our Request To Settle

Our contractor informed us it would cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix or replace our Pravada Floors which scratched shortly after installation. Pravada Floors has ignored our request to negotiate a settlement, and we felt other consumers should know about our awful experience. We spent our own money to build this website just to warn other consumers.

Our floors scratched within days

Pravada Floors Pravada Floors Scratches Pravada Floors Review

Pravada Floors Pravada Floors Scratches Pravada Floors Review

(the tape marks scratches, click to zoom)

By the way, we have several other types of wood flooring in our home - and it's not scratched.

Several housing professionals wrote or called Pravada Floors about the excessive scratching of our floors

These include an architect, a homebuilder, a flooring installer, and a distributor. They told Pravada that the floor had "excessive scratches." The architect said that it was the worst scratching he'd seen in a residence in his entire career.

Our evidence was sufficient to get the distributor to settle with us

We sent identical evidence to the distributor and to Pravada Floors, and the distributor settled with us immediately for several thousand dollars after Pravada wouldn't entertain any type of settlement.